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In Parliament’s 2nd Legislative session, Committee on Social Solidarity Approves 3 Presidential Decrees, Namely Women Empowerment in Entrepreneurship

The House’s Social Solidarity Committee, chaired by MP Abdel-Hadi El-Qasabi, gave the final approval on 3 presidential and international agreements during the parliament’s second legislative session. The committee granted the approval on presidential decree no. 334 of 2021 on the agreement signed between Egypt and the OIC Women Development Organization on March 11th, 2021.

The committee also approved the presidential decree no 264 of 2021 approving the sub-agreement inked by the Egyptian and Canadian governments on March 31st, 2020 supporting women entrepreneurs in Egypt.

As referred to in the committee’s statement, presidential decree no. 195 of 2022 was adopted, as the decree approved facilitating the EUR300,000 grant agreement reached between Egypt’s International Cooperation Minister and the French Development Agency on March 28th,2022 with a reservation upon ratification.

In the same context, the committee discussed a total of 100 early-day motions during the 2nd legislative session, in addition to filing a written pleading to Egypt’s parliament speaker Hanafi Gebali.  The committee also took part in organizing the proceedings of the Arab Parliamentarians Forum for Population and Development’s event that was held at the parliament’s headquarters in March 2022.

According to its statement, the committee also organized the visits of the Arab Parliamentarians Forum’s delegates, as the committee pursued strengthening its legislative and regulatory roles, as delegated based on the parliament’s internal regulations. The committee is responsible for monitoring the committee’s recommendations issued during the discussions of the early-day motion during the 1st regular launch of the second legislative term, as well as those recommendations relevant to the State’s general budget for the FY 2022/ 2023 for the concerned ministries to receive the associated responses.



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