National Council for Women member MP Heba Hagras stated that the Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi participated in a session held on the empowerment of women, as part of the G20 summit in Japan. He highlighted the achievements in this sector since the start of his first presidential term.

During her phone-in at Sada Al Balad’s TV Show” Sit El Setat”, she referred to Egypt’s faced-paced progress at Women’s empowerment, as women’s status in Egypt gradually improves. This is in addition to ensuring the rights of women and persons with disabilities.

National Council for Women called the State Council to ensure equality of opportunity for women, says Heba Hagras. However, she considers the State’s Council’s rejection of this inquiry as inconvenient, hoping that this inquiry should be reconsidered in the light of women’s important role at the governmental entities worldwide.

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