Health Ministry: Free Examination and Health Awareness For 31,787,000 Women

by Asmaa Elwahy

Health Ministry: Free Examination and Health Awareness For 31,787,000 Women

The Ministry of Health and Population announced that it has examined and provided health awareness to 31,787,397 women, so far. This comes as part of the President’s sustainable initiative to support the health of Egyptian women since its launch in July 2019. The Ministry referred to the follow-up of 6,731,307 women through annual periodic examinations and follow-up within the initiative.


Dr. Hossam, the official spokesperson for the Ministry, stated that the initiative provides examination and awareness services for women free of charge, starting from the age of 18. He highlighted the importance of early diagnosis and detection of breast tumors, which contribute to reducing the burden on the patient and the state through an effective response to the treatment protocols provided by the initiative for free, according to the latest global standards. He encourages women to use that initiative to periodically check on their health.


He added that the initiative provides free services to examine women through 3538 health units at the level of the governorates of Egypt, in addition to the participation of 102 hospitals, to provide medical services to women whose condition requires an advanced examination. He indicated that the official website ( lists the locations of these units. You can also call the hotline of the 100 Million Health Initiative at 15335 for further inquiries.


Abdel Ghaffar pointed out the high rates of women’s frequency for examination within the initiative. He said it increased by 44.8% over frequency rates since the first year of launching the initiative in 2019. This jump in rates was a result of the high level of awareness of the necessity of early detection of breast tumors and annual periodic follow-up, and raising awareness of self-examination steps and the importance of avoiding improper nutrition, physical inactivity, lack of activity, and smoking, through health units, mobile medical teams, and female health pioneers.


He also mentioned that the initiative includes the detection of non-contagious diseases, including diabetes, blood pressure, weight and height measurement, body mass index determination, and level of obesity or overweight. It also raises awareness of the risk factors causing noncommunicable diseases, awareness of reproductive health, and the organization of families.


The initiative follows the latest global protocols for treating breast cancer through 14 centers affiliated with the Ministry of Health and Population. In addition, it activates said protocols in 14 hospitals affiliated with the Supreme Council of University Hospitals to treat women free of charge within the vision of the political leadership to care for the public health of citizens.

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