Google’s DeepMind Launches ‘Gemini’ AI Expected to Compete with ChatGPT

by Nada Khaled

Google recently unveiled “Gemini,” a generative artificial intelligence model created by its subsidiary “DeepMind.”

According to reports, Gemini is expected to emerge as a major rival to OpenAI’s “ChatGPT,” which was first unveiled last year.

According to Wired, it’s considered one of the most important algorithms in Google’s history.

Google claims that Gemini is a new high-tech artificial intelligence model that can process text, photos, and videos.

Starting on December 13th, developers in over 170 countries will be able to access the English initial release of Gemini through Google Cloud.

Additionally, it will be incorporated into Google products like advertising and content production.

Google intends to release a more sophisticated Gemini version in 2024 following the conclusion of development and security testing.

This next-generation Gemini will come in three variations and be able to operate with more versatile models, such as data centers and mobile devices.

Gemini Ultra: Programed to handle heavy, complicated workloads.

Gemini Pro: Suitable for a variety of jobs.

Gemini Nano: Designed specifically for each device’s task.

Google has updated An improved version of its search engine, named “Bard,” which is somehow equivalent to OpenAI’s “ChatGPT.”

The company can now think and plan more advanced actions thanks to this enhancement. It will also be included in a later iteration of “Alpha Code,” a programming language.

Even though the big tech companies are interested in artificial intelligence, there is now more regulation because of worries about how quickly this ground-breaking technology is developing.

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