Culture Minister Launches 5th Edition of Jewelry Art Festival

by Nada Khaled

The fifth Jewelry Art Festival has opened at the Gezira Arts Center, organized by Egypt’s Ministry of Culture’s Fine Arts, led by Minister Nevine Al-Killany. Egyptian jewelry designers and artists are welcome to participate in the event as long as they submit the required form and attachments online or at the center’s headquarters.

Dr. Abdel Aal, the festival’s general coordinator, Mohamed Abdel Aal, who teaches jewelry design at Helwan University’s Faculty of Applied Arts, clarified that jewelry is a human creation that seeks to sustain life through its communicative role.

He went on to explain that jewelry communicates with others and satisfies the need for species’ survival and the innate desire to protect oneself.

The festival’s goal is to raise awareness of jewelry design and its importance to Egyptian culture. The forms are available for download on the festival’s official social media page and must be turned in by December 7th.

To accomplish artistic, aesthetic, and functional goals, the Ministry welcomes participation from all creative individuals who work in the jewelry-making medium. They can use a variety of conventional and unconventional raw materials and materials, as well as conventional and sophisticated composition and crafting options.

A maximum of two crews or a crew and three individual pieces may be performed by each applicant, with a limit of six pieces allowed for participation, either as an individual or as a crew. Participation in graduation projects related to jewelry and ornaments will also be accepted for the festival. 

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