Head of Public Policy and Government Relations for MENA at Google Selim Edde invited Egyptian Tourism Minister Rania al-Mashat to join Google’s leading women campaign in the Arab region to support working women.

The meeting between the two sides came after at the end of Mashat’s participation at the World Economic Forum for the Middle East and North Africa held from April 6-7 in Jordan.

Mashat also discussed with Edde ways of cooperation between the two sides. The minister said that the Ministry of Tourism is currently updating its promotion tools through social media platforms.

For his part, Edde suggested that the company would develop promotional contents for Egyptian tourist attractions especially the unfamiliar places, noting that these modern contents focus on sharing not only photos but also stories about destinations which attract tourists worldwide as mentioned in Egypt today.

The US-based firm submitted a suggestion to develop interactive apps about the Egyptian museums, expressing its readiness for offering training courses for the tourism sector’s staff in line with the ministry’s training plan.

Mashat cited holding the first national competition for start-ups to choose projects and apps from which the sector can benefit. She also reviewed the three axes of the ministry’s promotion campaign.

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