In collaboration with Magnom Properties, the world-famous business magazine Forbes will construct Forbes International Tower, a carbon-free commercial tower, in the northern Central Business District of Cairo’s New Administrative Capital.

This collab was announced on the concluding day of the 53rd World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, marking Forbes’ first attempt to build a commercial tower. The forum discussed smart and sustainable climate solutions in urban development.

Forbes is a renowned US business magazine published eight times a year. It is commonly known for listing world billionaires.

While Magnom Properties is an Egyptian subsidiary of the Saudi-based Rawabi Holding. It enlisted the help of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture firm, which designed the UAE’s one and only Burj Khalifa, to envision the zero-carbon building.

In a press release by Forbes, the business magazine indicated that the new tower uses its solar panel rooftop, modern intelligent building technology, and fully-automated HVAC field devices, to utilize the surrounding natural resources and enhance energy performance.

Chairman and managing director of Administrative Capital for Urban Development, Khaled Abbas, said the new capital targets a zero-carbon governmental district where 30% of its electricity is generated from solar panels, all the lights are green, and the footprint of the district is only between 20-25% while the rest is landscape.

It is noteworthy that Forbes’ commercial tower won’t be the first of its kind as a carbon-free building in the New Administrative Capital.

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