Egyptian Engineer Sarah Sabry, the first Egyptian and Arab woman to visit space, told renowned Journalist and TV Personality Ramy Radwan on the “Masa’ dmc” program, broadcast on DMC channel, that her visit to space makes her feel very proud, especially as an Egyptian.

Sabry said: I graduated from mechanical engineering, and my visit to space came after years of training, effort, and strong passion for her quest.

She continued: I did not pay any money for my visit to space, and I applied to the program and got picked among 7,000 participants, and my selection came as a major surprise to me.

She also shared that before her visit to the moon, she always felt Egyptians should make a presence on Mars, indicating: I was nominated as one of the 7000 people who submitted to visit space. The company which takes people to space raises the banner “Space for Humanity” in the United States of America, and the flight serves as an expedition to space.



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