Female Representation in the Council of Ministries Triumphantly Grows by 25%

by nevine

Egypt has recently witnessed remarkable progress in supporting and empowering women and gender equality.

Egypt is the first country in the world to launch a national strategy for women’s empowerment in line with the 2030 sustainable development goals. This strategy consists of four main axes, fore-fronted by political empowerment and leadership.

This progress is due to the supportive political administration for women’s issues and the translation of management of their constitutional rights into laws, strategies, and executive programs carried out by governmental and non-governmental agencies, and the creation of appropriate space and climate for joint efforts of all segments of society, including academic, legislative, religious institutions, and youth and women in rural and urban areas, among many advocates for the empowerment of women and girls at all levels.

The percentage of women in the cabinet increased from 6% in 2015 to 20% in 2017, and 25% in 2018. Eight female ministers are responsible for high-profile ministries, the highest representation rate ever of women in the cabinet. Subsequently, in 2021, Egypt ranked second in the Middle East and North Africa for female representation in the Council of Ministers.

The percentage of women holding the position of deputy minister in 2017 was approximately 27%, while the percentage rate of female deputy governors in 2019 was 31%.

In 2018, the Ministry of Endowments appointed 17 women to leadership positions in the Ministry, including four who hold the position of undersecretary, which is the first time in the history of the Ministry.

Additionally, the National Council for People with Disabilities is chaired by a woman, and the percentage of editors-in-chief in national newspapers is 18%.

Also, the Ministry of Justice, followed by the Ministry of International Cooperation, were the two ministries with the highest percentage in terms of representation of women in leadership positions, at 48% and 43%, respectively.

Moreover, the percentage of women who hold leadership positions in research centers, institutes, and bodies affiliated with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research exceeded 30% by January 2022.


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