Mohamed Abbas Fayed, FABMISR CEO and Managing Director received the three Egyptian winners of FAB’s Future Business Leader’s Competition. The competition was launched in the UAE and Egypt by FAB Group, to allow university students from both countries to present their ideas and aspirations regarding the role of the business sector in supporting the sustainability agenda at the national and global levels.

The six winners from Egypt and UAE were announced during the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Climate Convention “COP27”, which was held in Sharm El-Sheikh last November.

Fayed handed the monetary award of the competition to the 3 young innovators; he also listened to their experiences and unique suggestions, which played an essential role in their triumph, during a brunch at the FABMISR’s headquarters in Cairo that was attended by the bank’s senior management representatives.

This competition comes in line with FAB’s ESG strategy and reaffirms the bank’s genuine interest in building youth capabilities, as well as fostering promising talents to become future leaders. Additionally, FAB strives to create a tangible impact on the communities it operates in by hosting and sponsoring similar events, especially those that aim at raising awareness of sustainability and green finance, regularly.

Furthermore, he pointed out that it’s vital to consistently acknowledge and support such bright youthful talents, who have creative skills and talents that enabled them to bring up innovative and applicable solutions. FAB Group is also mindful that youth today are well aware of the importance of sustainability, and it is willing to encourage them and deepen their knowledge about the financial aspects of sustainability.

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