Egypt’s First Lady Entsar El Sisi welcomed all dear Egyptian guests to the Climate Summit “COP27” to be held in the City of Peace Sharm El-Sheikh, stressing her aspiration that this summit would take decisive measures to protect our planet from the threat of climate change.

Entsar El Sisi wrote, on her official account on “Facebook”, I wish success for all the world leaders in their mission at this extraordinary summit.”

The COP27 is witnessing a high level of global participation from different countries around the world, more than 120 state leaders will participate, in the presence of representatives from about 197 countries, nearly 40,000 participants from all over the world, and dozens of international and regional organizations, to participate in the annual negotiations on climate change, with the aim of discussing moving forward in limiting the negative effects of climate change and adapting to its repercussions.

The summit also enjoys extensive global media coverage, with more than 3,000 media professionals following the summit’s activities in all languages of the world.



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