Entissar El Sisi: Reinforcing human rights is our duty

First Lady, Entissar El Sisi has stated during her speech on Saturday, December 10th that the celebrations of the international “Human Right’s Day” is deemed as a strong reminder to reinforce human rights within our community. She stressed the importance of the matter, saying that it takes all of our shared efforts to promote human rights.

She wrote on her official Facebook page “Today, the world celebrates Human Rights Day, a day that comes to remind us all of the significance of promoting the human rights in our society, as it’s a duty of all of us,”.

“I can see this happening, as we are on the cusp of our new republic, by our governmental institutions and NGOs, which are working with honest efforts to ensure the preservation of the dignity of the Egyptian citizen, and to provide him with a decent life, as the people of Egypt always deserve the best,” she added.


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