Emigration minister: Sisi pays prior attention to Egyptians abroad

by Asmaa Elwahy

Emigration minister: Sisi pays prior attention to Egyptians abroad

Minister of State for Emigration and Egyptian Expatriates’ Affairs Soha Samir Gendi said President Abdel Fattah El Sisi gives great attention to Egyptians abroad and is highly keen on keeping all Egyptian expatriates linked to their homeland, with a view to pressing ahead toward realizing Egypt’s aspired future and sustainable development down the road trodden to the New Republic.

In an interview Sunday with MENA Chairman and Editor-in-Chief Ali Hassan, the minister of state for emigration and Egyptian expatriates’ affairs said, the State puts Egyptians expats’ affairs on the top of its priorities, adding that her ministry is working on promoting its continued contact with Egyptians overseas, along with solving out all problems that they might face.

Gendi said her ministry is looking forward to benefiting from the expertise of all Egyptian expats’ and the skills they boast in their various specialties.

All drives are meant to have Egyptians living abroad contribute to the establishment of the New Republic and further merge them into an all-out Egyptian sustainable development scheme, together with ongoing mega national development ventures in Egypt, added the minister.

According to the minister of emigration and Egyptian expatriate’s affairs, the ministry has succeeded in carrying out the political leadership’s directives in linking Egyptian expats to their home country; being Egypt’s real power and first line of defense abroad, a community with whom the ministry is highly keen on keeping constant contact with, through social websites and direct meetings.
The ministry’s complaint unit is working around the clock to respond to all enquires of Egyptian expatriates and to hold virtual meetings with members of Egyptian communities abroad every Sunday to stand on and address all challenges besetting them, in addition to posting them on the key developments Egypt is witnessing in the various fields under the leadership of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi, besides the possibility of capitalizing on all services offered by the ministry, Gendi noted.
She urged Egyptian expatriates to follow up the ministry’s official Facebook accounts to get acquainted with all activities they might benefit from covering a wide range of domains, including the education, economic, banking and development projects fields.
The minister also said her ministry is looking forward to organize trips for Egyptians of 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th generations to Egypt, especially those who were not born or raised up in Egypt to come and visit their homeland to link them to their country and make them know more about Egypt.

The minister of emigration and Egyptian expatriates’ affairs cited a number of trips organized by the ministry to Egyptians abroad to get them more acquainted with their country.
Answering a question on illegal immigration, the minister underlined the importance of the presidential initiative “Life Saving Boats”, which is floated under the sponsorship of President Sisi to fight illegal immigration, highlighting the Egyptian State’s efforts in this regard.
Answering a question on the Conference of Entities and Egyptians Abroad, she said the conference has contributed to addressing a wide range of issues and topics of concern to Egyptian expatriates, with the aim of introducing Egyptian entities abroad to the development efforts taking place in the homeland.
She shed light on efforts to lure Egyptian expatriates to investments in Egypt, through a number of attractive loans to get them further involved in development action plans in the country.

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