Emigration Minister Reviews Efforts to Achieve UN Goals for Sustainability

by nevine

State Minister of Emigration and Egyptian Expatriates’ Affairs Soha Gendy reviewed efforts exerted by her ministry to achieve the UN goals for sustainable development according to the government strategy of 2030. The ministry especially focused on the first goal related to eradicating poverty, the third goal concerning good education, the 9th goal which aims to boost industry and innovation, and finally the 17th goal that tackles means to enhance the global partnership for sustainable development.

That came on Friday during Gendy’s participation in the activities of the main session of the third annual conference for sustainability organized by Orman Institution in Luxor in cooperation and coordination with the Federation of Egyptian Industries under the auspices of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi that started on Thursday and runs until January 15.

Gendy asserted that her ministry has put work targets and strategies and tackled the mechanisms of implementing the 1st UN goal related to eradicating poverty via the participation of the ministry in supporting the “Decent Life” national project to develop the Egyptian countryside.

Attending the session were the ministers of finance, social solidarity, and agriculture, in addition to many leaders of civil institutions and NGOs.

At the end of her word, Gendy said that among the projects that are underway is organizing the conference of “Egypt Can with Industry in Africa” as part of the series of “Egypt Can” conferences to attract African investors.


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