On Tuesday, February 14, Minister of Environment and Ministerial Coordinator and Envoy for the 27th session of the UN Climate Change Conference, COP27, Yasmine Fouad, took part in the dialogue session titled “Women’s Leadership Towards Sustainability” held within the activities of the World Government Summit (WGS) 2023, currently taking place in Dubai.

Fouad emphasized that the Egyptian government has taken many measures to achieve sustainability. Ministries of Environment and Planning represented the female elements leading this process.

She indicated that the government has set environmental sustainability standards, aiming to integrate them into development plans. Moreover, green public investments have grown by 30% in the fiscal year 2021/2022, aspiring to reach 100% of green projects by 2030.

During the session, the minister also discussed challenges and opportunities, as well as forming mechanisms to conquer these challenges, improving the quality of life, and promoting scientific and technological progress.

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