Egypt’s Hilda Louca Becomes a Shark

by nevine

By Nada El-Margoushy

The wildly popular American business reality hit show “Shark Tank” is finally coming to Egypt next year, making it the 47th country to host the show and also the first Arab and African country to participate. The show is a prominent entrepreneurial reality TV show, which brings together brilliant entrepreneurs on a platform, where they pitch their business ideas to a group of renowned investors.

Produced in 46 countries the show has received numerous awards, including the prestigious Emmy award. The famous competition show is now coming to Egypt and is set to air on “WATCH IT” and “CBC” in January 2023.

Hilda Louca is one of the “Sharks” that are going to be featured on the show, according to last Saturday’s announcement at an event that took place in the new Grand Egyptian Museum. She will join the panel of investors, who will get to review the creative business plans of the most gifted entrepreneurs in the country. These entrepreneurs will compete against each other for a chance to launch their startups with help from the sharks.

As the founder and CEO of “Mitcha”, an online shopping website that brings together local designers on a digital platform, Louca’s visionary ambition isn’t limited to fashion. She hopes to get her pick of young talents through the show.

Hilda Launched “Mitcha” in 2018 to promote the culture of fashion in Egypt and support Egyptian designers. She was granted the famed Top 50 award in 2021, as one of the top 50 influential women in Egypt.

Before “Mitcha”, the CEO was merely a dreamer with a passion for style and a strong belief in Egyptian brands. She played with the idea of launching her own business for a long time before finally taking a leap of faith in 2018. Since then, her start-up has become one of the most acknowledged and praised online fashion platforms in Egypt.

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