Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi participated on Saturday in a session held on the empowerment of women and another on inequality as part of the G20 summit in the Japanese city of Osaka.

Delivering a speech at the session on inequality, President El-Sisi highlighted the major axes through which Egypt is working to address the issues of inequality and the empowerment of women, presidential spokesman Bassam Rady said.

Many international parties participating in the summit have praised the great progress Egypt has made in the area of women’s empowerment, citing the recent constitutional amendments increasing the representation of women in the parliament to 25 percent, the spokesman added.

Addressing the session, the president shed light on the role of Egyptian women in the development of society, noting that the state has launched several programmes to empower women in recognition of their role, Rady noted.

Meanwhile, the successful Egyptian experience was hailed during various meetings that President El-Sisi held with several leaders participating in the G20 summit, including the Japanese and Italian prime ministers as well as the German chancellor, Rady said.

The spokesman added that Egypt has transitioned from a severely disrupted country in 2011 to one enjoying high economic performance and development rates exceeding 6 percent in addition to increasing foreign currency reserves, a fact that was underlined during the president’s meetings.

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