Egyptian artist, Zeinab Al Sageny has gained fame through her vibrant, tasteful depiction of Egyptian women in her paintings.

As a Fine Arts graduate, and holder of a Ph.D. in Art Education from Helwan University, she has managed to build her own brand with her unique style in painting mother and child, which are a common theme in her artwork.

Al Sageny’s art is deeply inspired by elements of  nature and by Egyptian landscape and the Nile. However, her main focus remains on women.

Egyptian to the core, she has witnessed all forms of discrimination against women, particularly Egyptian women. Naturally, it triggered her to paint strong Egyptian women; you can actually feel their power through her art.

In her pieces, she portrays women as powerful and determined. She uses bold colors and daring brush strokes to paint lively curly-haired women with big eyes and sharp features. Her paintings are capable of telling stories and showing complex emotions.

Zeinab mainly uses charcoal and oil pastels in her work. She uses her gift to convey women’s sensitivity, strength, and grace. She describes her artwork as an intermixture of a spiritual nature, drawing its source from Coptic icons alongside the wonders of Islamic miniatures.


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