In cooperation with the INP and DCarbon Egypt: TOP 50 Women Forum leads new initiative to advance Egyptian women’s leadership in climate action

Top 50 Women supports the Egyptian agenda at COP28

Top 50 Women aims to integrate climate action into all economic activities

Cairo December 1,2022

Cairo-based Top 50 Women Forum is leading a first-of-its-kind initiative by launching training packages tailored to enrich women cadres across public and private organisations with skills needed to pivot on sustainability and green economic activities.

Building on the success and recommendations of the UN climate conference COP27 hosted by the Red Sea resort of Sharm El-Sheikh, the initiative will include areas of sustainability, sustainability reporting with GRI standards, and a green economy transition, aiming to integrate environmental and climate action into all economic activities.

For this, the Top 50 Women Forum has signed a cooperation protocol with the Institute of National Planning (INP) and DCarbon Egypt to implement the initiative and prepare the training programmes and workshops designed to strengthen women’s decision-making role in driving a climate action.

The Forum will start the first executive steps in implementing the initiative as it will launch the first training programme for women cadres from public and private sectors on December 6-7, 2022 at the INP’s headquarters in Cairo.

The programme will tackle methodologies of sustainability reporting with GRI standards, thereby enriching the participants with the skills and expertise to transition to sustainable and green economy in according to global standards.

Commenting on this initiative, Dr. Ashraf El-Araby, President of the INP, stressed the importance of uplifting the skills of Egyptian women cadres in public and private sectors to pivot to a sustainability-focused career path to cope with the climate change and its negative impact on environment and economic activities.

The whole world is rapidly moving into achieving sustainability to reverse the cascading impacts of climate change, El-Araby said, adding that Egypt is seeing tremendous challenges in its green transition goal, including the lack of training programmes that uproot sustainability as a concept and a way of doing business.

The INP is cooperating with Top 50 Women Forum as being a key woman driving force platform that best represents women professionals in Egypt.

“Women in Egypt are strategic partner and key national element for achieving sustainable development schemes under Egypt 2030 Vision. It is important to support a climate action in Egypt amidst the ongoing global climate change challenges that threaten women’s social and economic stability.”  El-Araby noted.

For her part, Dina Abdel Fattah – Founder and Chairperson of Top 50 Women – said the initiative and the training programmes are building on the recommendations made during the UN climate conference COP27, which stressed the need for taking faster action to transition to green economy.

The Forum’s training programme related to sustainability reporting with GRI standards aims to help better speed up integrating governance and sustainability into economic activities, she added.

“We aim to empower companies to operate in accordance with global standards that are based on governance, disclosure, and corporate responsibility.” Abdel Fattah said.

“This will help improve corporates’ performance through better understanding of risks and available opportunities as well as increase their competitiveness and thereby attracting sustainable financing.”

Abdel Fattah further said this initiative is a proactive step to support Egypt’s agenda at the UN upcoming climate conference COP27 by developing women cadres’ skills and potentials as well as the performance of Egyptian economic institutions.

In the same context, Ehab Shalaby, CEO of DCarbon Egypt, has said that empowering women with the needed skills and expertise will boost the transition process towards witnessing more sustainable work models.

“DCarbon has prepared integrated training programme packages and will be carried out in cooperation with the INP and Top 50 Women Forum. We will first start with the sustainability reporting with GRI standards course.”


Egyptian Women through the eyes and strokes of Zeinab Al Sageny

Egyptian artist, Zeinab Al Sageny has gained fame through her vibrant, tasteful depiction of Egyptian women in her paintings.

As a Fine Arts graduate, and holder of a Ph.D. in Art Education from Helwan University, she has managed to build her own brand with her unique style in painting mother and child, which are a common theme in her artwork.

Al Sageny’s art is deeply inspired by elements of  nature and by Egyptian landscape and the Nile. However, her main focus remains on women.

Egyptian to the core, she has witnessed all forms of discrimination against women, particularly Egyptian women. Naturally, it triggered her to paint strong Egyptian women; you can actually feel their power through her art.

In her pieces, she portrays women as powerful and determined. She uses bold colors and daring brush strokes to paint lively curly-haired women with big eyes and sharp features. Her paintings are capable of telling stories and showing complex emotions.

Zeinab mainly uses charcoal and oil pastels in her work. She uses her gift to convey women’s sensitivity, strength, and grace. She describes her artwork as an intermixture of a spiritual nature, drawing its source from Coptic icons alongside the wonders of Islamic miniatures.


Government’s efforts to address violence against women in the era of the New Republic.

Government’s efforts to address violence against women in the era of the New Republic.

In line with the approach of the International Day of Violence against Women, Egyptian women have gained unique and unprecedented gains in the era of the New Republic.

The Egyptian State has been keen to launch community strategies, initiatives and programs in support of women, thereby contributing to their capacity-building and political, economic and social empowerment.

The Egyptian government’s main efforts to protect women from violence are as follows:

  • Establishing deterrent penalties for offences of female mutilation and sexual harassment.
  • Adoption of the national strategy to combat violence against women with the participation of several ministries in 2015.
  • Issuing decision to establish the first Women’s Violence Protection Unit in 2021.
  • 3 thousand women have benefited from the services of women’s hosting and mentoring centers through the provision of legal, social and psychological support awareness services as well as other services.

Forbes 30 Under 30 Middle East List Features 5 Egyptian women

Forbes Middle East has released its fifth annual 30 Under 30 list, featuring an inspiring young cohort of entrepreneurs, pioneers, creatives, and athletes, spanning six categories: sport, commerce, science & technology, finance, creativity, and social impact.

The 2022 list features 35 individuals from 13 nationalities. Egyptians reign the list with 12 entries, followed by six Lebanese entries, and three each from Oman and Saudi. They are based across eight countries in the Middle East: 12 in Egypt, 10 in the U.A.E., five in Lebanon, and three in Saudi Arabia. The average age of listees is around 27 years old.

5 of the 12 Egyptian entries were female business founders, scientists, and athletes, namely:


Maryam Haytham Esmat, Astrophysicist

Business Founders/ Co-Founders

Hadia Ghaleb, Founder of GPH and Hadia Ghaleb Brand

Fatma Shenawy, Khan Tech Co-founder


Dina Musharaf, Table Tennis Champion

Noran Gohar, World’s Top-ranked Squash Player

Astrophysicist Maryam Haytham Esmat has worked on the James Webb Space Telescope and is one of the five gen-z high achievers.

The influencer and founder of GPH, Hadia Ghaleb, gained publicity with 2.4 million followers on Instagram. In April 2022, she launched her own eponymous modest swimwear line. In September 2022, her U.A.E- based company had 240,000 followers on Instagram.

Fatma Shenawy, Co-founder of Khan Tech, a Fintech startup, contributes to improving the financial well-being of underserved Egyptians. In March 2022, Khazna raised $38 million in equity and debt, taking its total funding to $47 million.

Egyptian table tennis player, Dina Musharraf, also advanced 21 places in the world rankings of the game, as she occupied the 29th place after she was in the 50th place, thus becoming the first Egyptian, African and Arab player to reach this advanced position in the world rankings. Nouran Gohar is making history as the world’s 1st female squash player.


The five entrees achieved impactful success at both national and international levels. Hence, they have been internationally recognized as the most promising young talents.

On behalf of the National Council For Women, Maya Morsy acclaimed the iconic success stories of the five Egyptian women listed on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, wishing them more success.