Egypt to launch ‘Ahlan Ramadan’ fairs three months ahead of the holy month

by Asmaa Elwahy

Egypt to launch ‘Ahlan Ramadan’ fairs three months ahead of the holy month

According to Ahram Online, Egypt announced the launch of the ‘Ahlan Ramadan’ fairs countrywide on the first of January – three months before the start of the Islamic holy month – to provide basic commodities at affordable prices for all citizens.

Minister of Supply and Internal Trade Ali Moselhi said in a statement yesterday that directives were issued to heads of commercial chambers to establish at least five Ahlan Ramadan fair outlets in each governorate.

Moselhi also instructed commercial chains to set a corner for selling Ramadan goods at fixed prices.

The fairs, which usually begin two weeks before Ramadan and last until the end of the month, offer a variety of goods to citizens in order to meet the typically higher demand for food commodities.

The annual fairs, which are being held for the seventh year in a row, are organized in collaboration with the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce.

The decision to begin Ahlan Ramadan earlier than usual is the latest in a series of government efforts to ensure commodity availability and price control in the face of rising inflation.

In mid-December, the government said that Egypt has “a safe stock” of all basic commodities.

It also directed all shops and retailers to place price tags on wares before the end of the month.

In order to increase supplies and lower prices in the domestic market, the government is also attempting to expedite the release of all basic and strategic imported goods that have been stranded at ports for weeks due to foreign currency shortages.

Earlier this week, the government announced that it has facilitated the release of $5 billion worth of goods — out of a total of $14 billion worth of goods — stranded at ports between 1 and 23 December.

According to latest remarks by Prime Minister Madbouly, more goods worth $4-4.5 billion are almost ready for release to meet consumer demands during the coming four months before the advent of the holy month.

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