Egypt receives 3rd, and 4th Talgo Spanish trains at Alexandria Port

According to Egypt today, Egypt’s Minister of Transport, Engineer Kamel Al-Wazir announced yesterday, the arrival of the third and fourth Talgo Spanish trains to Alexandria Port.


The two trains arrived as part of a contract signed between the Ministry of Transport and the Spanish company Talgo to supply seven new air-conditioned trains worth €157 million.


The rest of the trains are expected to arrive successively, within the framework of the comprehensive development plan of all elements of the railway system.


Al-Wazir confirmed that the two trains will be transferred to the Talgo workshops to be equipped and prepared with the knowledge of Spanish and Egyptian experts, engineers, and technicians, before being operated experimentally without passengers in accordance with international safety standards on the scheduled date.


He pointed out that the first of these luxury trains have been already operated on the Cairo-Alexandria line, and preparations are underway for the trial operation without passengers of the second train.


With the successive arrival of trains, the minister stated that a number of trains will be operated on the Cairo-Aswan line to serve the people of Upper Egypt in the coming period, in addition to operating a number of trains on the Cairo-Alexandria line.


Talgo trains are a huge quantum leap in the history of Egyptian railways, as they provide the highest levels of service to the public.


Last December, Chairman of the Egyptian National Railways (ENR) Mohamed Amer said the Spanish air-conditioned Talgo train is one of the world’s best means of transport in terms of comfort and safety.


The trains are also equipped with seats for people with special needs and will be operated in Egypt as of November 2023 after finishing the current experimental operation.


The operation of the new trains move comes as part of the political leadership’s directives to upgrade railway mechanisms, including carriages and human cadres, to ensure better services to citizens.

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