Egypt, Greece to prepare a feasibility study for electricity linkage

According to Egypt today, Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy Mohamed Shaker told the Middle East News Agency (MENA) that Egypt and Greece are in the process of selecting an international consulting firm that would prepare a feasibility study for an intended electricity linkage between both countries.


According to the minister, the two countries can exchange approximately 2,000 megawatts of electricity. He also mentioned a meeting with a Belgian company that owns very advanced ships specialized in installing submarine power cables over very long distances.


Minister Shaker highlighted the European interest in electricity linkage with Egypt, which has a surplus of renewable energy, and a strong distribution grid.


In terms of electricity connectivity with Saudi Arabia, the minister stated that 87 percent of overhead power lines on Egyptian territory have been completed. These have a capacity of 500 kilovolts and run between Cairo’s Badr City and Sina’s border town of Taba.


The minister added that the project’s consultant is currently reviewing the report of the marine survey, pointing out that companies implementing the project won a tender in 2021 and that the budget allocated is $1.8 billion.


Despite a shortage of 60 percent of the electronic components that comprise 60 percent of the project, Minister Shaker stated that work has not been halted. He stated that the goal is to complete 1,500 megawatts by May 2025 and another 1,500 megawatts by November 2025.

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