Egypt celebrates Naguib Mahfouz’s 111th birthday at “Hanager Art Center”

by nevine

Neveen Al-Kilany, Minister of Culture in Egypt, initiated the Ministry’s celebrations for the 111th birthday of Nobel Prize winner, Naguib Mahfouz. The Minister inaugurated the “Naguib Mahfouz: between the alley, work, and friends” exhibition held at “Hanager Art Center” located in Opera Square.

Kilany called the renowned author an Egyptian symbol, whose work deserves more recognition than a single celebration. For that reason, the Ministry has decided to dedicate a whole month to commemorate the late author’s legacy through multiple events, including screenings of his book-to-film adaptations, seminars, and workshops.

Tarek Al-Taher, an Egyptian journalist and member of the committee organizing the exhibition, stated that plastic art paintings inspired by the Author’s work will be displayed at the exhibition.

Additionally, the exhibition will showcase authentic documents of the Nobel prize recipient’s life events, which include records of his graduation, and work in the ministries of Education, Endowments, and Information, all the way to his retirement.

Taher also mentioned that the exhibition will host dedications of great authors, thinkers, and intellectuals paying tribute to the late author.

The exhibition will start its tour with the New Valley Governorate, which is hosting the thirty-fifth session of the Egyptian Writers Conference. Various governorates will follow the New Valley on the event’s agenda.

Minister Neveen Al-Kilany expressed her contentment with the level of organization and the great efforts of the exhibition’s organizing committee and the creative display of artwork conveying the fruitful career of Naguib Mahfouz.

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