Digital transformation empowers women, creates new jobs: Experts

According to Daily News, Islam Nasrallah, a digital transformation expert and founder of Taskedin, said that 55% of the employees in his company are females.


He explained that women are more stable at work and that certain jobs in technology, such as testing, are not suitable for men because women have more patience than men. “We are one of the first companies to use the system of only four working days and three days off because our goal has become to pay attention to employees’ productivity and the tasks they perform, regardless of the working hours,” he added.


Nasrallah added, during his speech at the 12th session of the international conference “ICT in Our Lives” under the title “Women in Our Lives” organized by Alexandria University, “Modern technology and the digital transformation revolution have generated several new jobs for women and contributed to making work easier”.


Nasrallah emphasized that Taskedin empowers women’s work by allowing female employees to organize tasks based on priority and thus complete them from home. According to Nasarallah, the practice of signing an attendance sheet when entering and exiting a workplace has also become obsolete. “The most important thing now is productivity and task execution quality, not working hours,” says the application, “and this is what the application focuses on, giving working women more hours to care for their families and homes.”


Nasrallah explained that, according to the statistics of Taskedin, it was found that the number of actual working hours for women is higher than men, along with higher productivity and quality, and speed in carrying out tasks accurately”. He called on researchers at Alexandria University to benefit from those accurate numbers resulting from the analysis of application data in their research on women’s jobs.

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