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Children’s Cancer Hospital “57357” Likely to Shut Down for Insufficient Funds

By Nada El-Margoushy

News on the potential closure of “57357” has spread across all social media platforms over the past week. The children’s hospital for cancer is short on funding due to ongoing inflation, as released by multiple sources. As a result, the costs of necessary equipment have surpassed the hospital’s budget. Moreover, the lack of donations during the past period is making matters worse.

According to Masrawy, the percentage of this year’s donations has dropped by 80% to 88% over the last few years, which led the hospital to liquidate the last of its installments to pay for its 18,000 patients’ treatment. Sources have also revealed that the current funds are barely enough for one year.

This dramatic reduction in donations, along with the state’s current inflation, and the unprecedented rise of the US dollar in contrast with Egypt’s currency, have collectively caused the imminent doom of 57357.

Subsequently, the board of directors has decided to limit the age of monitored patients to 22 instead of 25, as the treatment cost has tripled during the second half of 2022. Sadly, the hospital has also indicated its inability to receive new cases from a total of 17,500 wait-listed child patients.

Prior to his match last Tuesday, Zamalek’s infamous football player, Shikabala showed support, by lifting a “Save 57357 Hospital” shirt. In addition, a lot of celebrities and public figures have shared their support for the cause through numerous posts on their social media accounts.

Ultimately, the children’s hospital has recently announced that the University of Tanta will be taking over its Tanta branch, which is short on nearly EGP 13 M, owing to the lack of funding. So far, the status of the Cairo branch’s patients to resume their treatment remains stable, provided it survives this financial crisis and keeps operating.

In support for 57357’s, we appeal to every capable citizen who’s concerned for the hospital’s fate and the wellbeing of its child patients to join our cause and show their support by directly donating to the hospital and spread awareness on this serious matter.

How to donate to 57357?

You can donate to Hospital account number 57357 at one of these Banks:

  1. National Bank of Egypt
  2. Egypt post
  3. Commercial International Bank-Egypt (CIB)
  4. Alex Bank
  5. Banque Misr
  6. Banque du Caire
  7. HSBC
  8. Credite Agricole Bank-Egypt

Or visit the link below for more donation info.



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