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Benefits of the Egyptian International Travel Insurance

The International government initially presented Aman “Safety”, an Egyptian International Travel Insurance back in August 2021, which offers security, and aids Egyptians planning to leave the country. This document is typically issued with each renewal of the Egyptian passport, commanded by the Egyptian Pool for Travel Insurance, and it simultaneously expires with the passport.

The use of the international travel insurance document is limited to 90 days that begins on the travel date. The document is legally issued on passports of citizens ageing from one month old to 85 years old. Its issuance is mandatory when renewing Egyptian passports, and is requested in visa applications by some embassies as well.

Egyptians need to be well-informed about all the rules and regulations for traveling abroad, even after dropping COVID-19 PCR tests, which were previously demanded upon applying for any Visa.

Egyptian citizens are advised to visit the closest immigration unit, in order to obtain the insurance document. They are also required to pay a LE 300 fee that adds up to around $12, before downloading the Aman Wallet mobile application that allows any medical assistance throughout their trip.

Aman covers up to €30,000 or the equivalent sum in different currencies of hospital fees and medical expenses in case the traveler gets injured in an accident, or suffers any kind of medical emergency. The traveler is required to only pay the first €100 or the equivalent to that amount.

The insurance additionally covers emergency returns to Egypt due to sudden illnesses, as well as the expenses of repatriating Egyptians who pass away during their trip to buried in their country, in the presence of their friends and family.


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