British Embassy in Egypt hosts “The UK Ed Tech School Showcase”

by Asmaa Elwahy

British Embassy in Egypt hosts “The UK Ed Tech School Showcase”


According to Daily News, The British Embassy in Cairo hosted on Sunday “The UK Ed Tech School Showcase”, with 11 UK companies from the British Education Suppliers Association demonstrating their latest education technology (EdTech) products and services for various schools in Egypt.


Owners and CEOs of British and international schools in Egypt were given the opportunity by company representatives to present and explain their latest technological tools, such as artificial intelligence, classroom management software programs, and digital assessment tools. These tools can help classrooms become more interactive, improve teaching, and enrich students’ educational experiences.


During the event, guests engaged in networking and stimulating discussions around the future of EdTech in Egypt, as schools take a fresh look at the role and value of digital technologies as we transition out of the Covid period.


“Education is central to any society’s growth and success. “The UK has long been a leader in this field, and I am proud that our first event of the new year is dedicated to bringing this expertise to support the education sector in Egypt,” said Gareth Bayley, British Ambassador to Egypt, in his speech.


He added that “the UK companies exhibiting their latest education technology here today are offering young Egyptian students unprecedented learning experiences, which will, in turn, help them build solid foundations for their future.”


The event also included a panel discussion on EdTech trends, the education market, and its challenges and opportunities, featuring Ahmed Daher, Deputy Minister of Education, Julia Garvey, Deputy Director General of the British Education Suppliers Association, and John Collick, a leading education consultant and pioneer in interactive classroom technology.


The event was sponsored by Innovera, a multinational EdTech company, one of the largest contributors to Egypt’s EdTech market share with previous experience working on Egypt’s ambitious educational reform program in addition to Vodafone Egypt.


2Simple, Everybody Counts, Century Tech, CES Holdings, Community Brands, NetSupport Software, Planet Bofa, Oriel Square, Charanga, Renaissance, and Tes Institute were among the other British companies featured in the showcase.

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