An initiative aims to educate Egyptians about climate change’s impact on women

by Asmaa Elwahy

An initiative aims to educate Egyptians about climate change’s impact on women

According to Arab News, a “Feminists for Climate” initiative is setting out to educate Egyptians about the effects of climate change on women in general and Egyptian women in particular.

Marihan Fouad, the initiative’s founder, stated, “Women are the weakest and most vulnerable group, and the issue of climate change and its consequences increases their vulnerability and problems.” The initiative’s goal is to raise awareness of this.”

Fouad, a pharmacy graduate, added: “Choosing the idea of climate change to raise awareness about it and its impact on women has a personal dimension. I am from the delta region (north of Cairo), and most of the women here work first in agriculture, either on land owned by their families or even by working for others, which makes them bear climate change’s consequences the most.”

“It is true that all humans will be affected, but not all in the same way, as it varies from one individual and one social type to another, so women are the group that bears most of its consequences.”

Samira Rashwan, an official at the National Council for Women, told Arab News: “The state is aware that women are most affected by environmental issues and climate change, and the resulting emissions that cause natural disasters, and this has many reasons.

“They frequently do not have easy access to all of the resources that improve their ability to deal with climate change crises.” Rather, there are numerous impediments, including a lack of technology and specialized education that allows women to easily understand the dimensions of the crisis, as well as the fact that women’s empowerment has not yet reached the desired level, and the high illiteracy rate is not only regional but also global.”

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