Amira Selim Releases a New Song in Ancient Egyptian Language

by nevine

Egyptian international Opera singer Amira Selim has just released a new single named “Merutek” in the ancient Egyptian language. The song, which title translates to “Your Love”, came out on the first day of 2023 in celebration of the new year.

The renowned soprano stated that her song drew inspiration from the Chester Beatty Papyri on Bach’s Prelude and is supposed to merge feelings of love and brotherhood between Egyptian citizens.

Selim dedicated the song to Egyptians and the ancient history of our ancestors. She affirmed her ongoing mission to revive the ancient Egyptian language and present art that speaks to all Egyptians and reflects the country’s rich culture.

Joining Egyptian, brilliant harpist Mona Wasef and acclaimed sound engineer Mufdi Thabet, Amira recorded the song with their assistance. She prided “Merutek” as the first romantic song sung in the ancient Egyptian language.

“It is my first experience, and the truth is that I am happy to participate in it because I discovered that it is a magical and dazzling world of art.” Selim shared, describing her infamous participation in the experience of the Nefertiti Museum in the way of the metaverse.

She expressed her joy with the team’s request to extend the time frame of the song in the Nefertiti Hall of metaverse until December 31 to experience this wonderful adventure. She added, “I hope that it will be the beginning of other different and varied experiences and a window through which every person can discover more and enjoy arts while developing positive social communication.”

The Egyptian soprano mentioned that the song is available on youtube and Spotify, among other apps, and indicated that she will be releasing a video clip shortly.

You can listen to the audio version here:

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