The Ministry of Health and population stated that the President’s initiative for women’s health consists of a set of health examinations, including the early detection of non-contagious diseases, such as diabetes, blood pressure, measuring weight and height, determining body mass index, and the level of obesity.

The Ministry also raises awareness of the risk factors that cause these diseases and highlights the importance of reproductive health and family planning.

Furthermore, the Ministry estimated that 267,473 mammograms have been conducted, since the launch of the initiative, for the early detection of breast tumors, in addition to withdrawing 24,543 tumor samples for analysis, and treatment was provided “free” for cases confirmed to have breast cancer, according to the latest international treatment protocols.

In addition, they confirmed that the treatment of the injured women, whether they are subject to health insurance, or the treatment system is being followed up at the state’s expense, pointing out that in their quest to raise the efficiency of service provide 24,107 medical teams have been trained, including doctors, nurses and radiology technicians, as well as providing training programs for data entry, and administrators and repeating those training programs to ensure the provision of the best level of medical service.

It is noteworthy that the services of the President’s initiative to support women’s health are provided in specialized health centers and units that follow up and treat chronic diseases and early detect kidney disease, merging the offered medical services electronically, and unifying the citizen database, to ensure that all family members benefit from the medical services provided by all initiatives.

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