Amani Abu-Zeid Selected Among the List of Most Famous and Reputable African Personalities in 2022

by nevine

In a new achievement for Egyptian women that reflect their regional and international status, Dr. Amani Abou Zeid, Commissioner for Infrastructure, Energy, and Digitization of the African Union, was once again chosen as one of the most famous and reputable African personalities for the year 2022.

The International Reputation (RPI) survey company for the 100 most Africans with fame and good reputation issued the 2022 list.

Bildina Uma explained, during the announcement, that the organization’s work centers on appreciating individuals, groups, and companies that are constantly improving lives in and around Africa.

The list includes the names of African personalities from various sectors, including; Politics, arts, human rights, education, and business. Selection criteria focused on integrity, vision, and positive impact.

Dr. Amani Abu Zeid is considered one of the great women in Egypt and reflects the status and capabilities of Egyptian women in the world of politics and business, as she has international experience in economic and social development.

Her practical experience in international development spans more than 30 years, as she has held many leadership positions in major international institutions concerned with development programs, especially in the field of infrastructure and energy.

Moreover, she celebrated last October obtaining an honorary doctorate in Social Sciences from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom, in a prestigious and distinguished ceremony.

Notably, Dr. Amani Abu Zeid was previously selected multiple times as one of the most influential and reputable Africans before being chosen for this year’s list of the International Reputation Survey Organization for her various achievements.

Abu Zaid is a role model for women in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and leadership and decision-making positions. Besides, she has long been known for her exceptional efforts in promoting gender equality and women empowerment.


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