War in Gaza Overshadows COP 28

by Asmaa Elwahy

International calls for a cease-fire in Gaza raised with demands for climate justice at COP28. Demonstrations sparked last Sunday in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza, where thousands have died in an Israeli military offensive. Banned by UN restrictions preventing them from raising Palestinian flags or chanting certain slogans, more than 100 activists in a COP28 “Blue Zone” venue, managed by the world body and not local authorities, demanded a Gaza ceasefire”Free Palestine!” demonstrators chanted during the weekend rally, with many saying the pursuit of climate justice was not possible while the war continued. Several world leaders have also criticized the Israeli actions during remarks at the climate gathering.Damian Godzisz, a staff member in the UAE’s COP28 team, said he was told to remove a Palestinian flag and keffiyeh scarf attached to his bag at the security check to the Blue Zone.On the other hand,  the Authorities in the UAE highlighted that the  restrictions are imposed by the guiding regulations issued by the UN.

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