VP of Canal University Meets Chairman of Businesswomen Committee and Director of Equal Opportunities Unit

by nevine

Dr. Nasser Mandour, President of the Suez Canal University, confirmed that the Businesswomen Committee, since its inception, has carried out many activities aimed at raising the livelihood of women, enhancing their societal role, and working to support them in the development of small, medium, and micro enterprises.

In that context, Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Naim, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, received Dr. Dina Yaqout, Chairman of the Businesswomen’s Committee at the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce, and Karima Nasser, Director of the Equal Opportunities and Women’s Empowerment Unit in Ismailia, in an introductory and coordination meeting.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Amal Al-Nahla, Former Professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, General Supervisor of Academic Support Units for Students, Dr. Ahmed Jamal Khattab, Fatima Talaat from the Equal Opportunities and Women Empowerment Unit, and Amani Farhan.

During the meeting, they discussed the establishment of the first economic forum for youth and students at the Canal region level, under the auspices of Major General Sherif Fahmy Bishara, Governor of Ismailia, and Dr. Nasser Mandour, President of the Suez Canal University, and the development of implementation mechanisms.

The Vice President and Dr. Dina Yaqout praised the proposal, its objectives, and the expected outputs from it, and welcomed the cooperation with the General Committee for Business Women and the Unit for Equal Opportunities and Women Empowerment by proposing the formation of a coordinating committee to prepare and organize the forum and coordinate with the governorates and universities of Port Said and Suez and the concerned authorities.

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