US aid chief arrives in Egypt with aid for Gaza days after Top 50 women forum urged intl. community to move

by Aya Salah Ed-din

Samantha Power, the United States’ top humanitarian official, arrived in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula on Tuesday, where she pledged more than $21 million in new help for Palestinians harmed by the fighting between Israel and the Islamist organization Hamas.

According to a statement, the USAID administrator arrived in Al Arish with 36,000 pounds of food assistance and medical supplies flown from Jordan by the Department of Defense and headed for Gaza.

It is worth mentioning that the President of top 50 women forum has urged in her op-ed the international community to act as soon as possible for the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

The additional assistance Power announced on Tuesday will support the provision of hygiene and shelter supplies, food and other assistance for residents of Gaza and the West Bank affected by the conflict, according to a separate statement.

The funds will also support psychosocial care and critical health services along with the establishment of a NGO-operated field hospital in Gaza that will provide in-patient care.

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