UNESCO: Women’s Participation is Crucial in These 4 Scientific Fields

by nevine

Coinciding with the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, UNESCO, stressed that we need more female participation in science, especially in four scientific fields.

UNESCO further explained through their official social media, that the world needs more women to lay the foundations for understanding the structure of DNA, achieving a better understanding of the universe, breaking the sound barrier, and breaking down gender barriers.

UNESCO indicated that women researchers receive significantly less recognition and grants than their male peers. And although the percentage of female researchers has reached 33.3%, only 12% are official members of the National Academies of Sciences are women.

The organization also pointed out that the ratio of women in advanced fields such as artificial intelligence is one out of five (22%).

To this day, the percentage of female engineering graduates is limited to 28%, while graduates of computer science and informatics are barely 40%, despite the shortage of skills in most technological fields led by the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The organization discovered that women’s careers tend to be shorter and pay less. Also, women are often overlooked in the promotion process, and their work isn’t recognized or featured enough in prominent magazines.

This international day aims to internationally empower women in science and strengthen the links between science, politics, and society to achieve future goals.

Furthermore, the world-famous organization called on the world to celebrate women who bravely underwent the experience of discovery and continue to prove themselves in the field, despite the gender-based obstacles that stand in their way and continuously curb their progress.

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