“This Family”: Amani El-Tunsi reshapes family drama

by nevine

Following the instant success of the new series “This Family” and its domination of the family drama and black comedy genres, the series has topped the list of most-watched shows in Egypt.

The show which is currently shown on DMC channel consists of 30 episodes that revolve around an Egyptian middle-class family, featuring comedic situations and everyday societal problems such as unemployment, housing crisis for young people in search of a home, and private lessons, among various issues that are currently occurring in our society.

Scriptwriter Amani El-Tunsi expressed her great joy and gratitude for the success of her show and the public’s reaction to it, which made “This Family” a trend and the most searched series after showing 15 episodes.

She told the press “Since the episodes of the series began to be shown, the reactions were from the viewers’ admiration for the comedy and after the passage of the episodes, the vision began to become clear that it is a group of messages wrapped in situations and hypotheses of black comedy”

“In light of the 10-episode series and the 15-episode series, the 30-episode series remains a challenge that you do not feel bored in the closing events of all episodes, and this is what I was keen on and presented, and it was wrapped in comedy, an Egyptian smile, and black comedy that resembles our Egyptian homes” El-Tunsi added.

She revealed the reason for featuring old classics in the show is because the events revolve around an authentic Egyptian family, and she wanted to link “This Family” with the originality in these songs, which gave a special character to the story.

Written by Amani El-Tunsi, with Yasmine Refaat’s cooperation, the series stars several Egyptian actors, including Wafaa Amer, Muhammad Tharwat, Islam Ibrahim, Enaam Salousa, Ismail Farghali, Youssef Othman, Salwa Othman, Reham Al-Shanwani, Diaa Al-Mirghani, and Ola Rami. The series is shown from Saturday to Wednesday every week. At exactly eight o’clock in the evening on the DMC channel.

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