The United Bank Launches 2nd workshop “Laky” Forum to Empower Women, Set the Fundamentals of New Republic

by nevine

The United Bank “Laky” forum for women empowerment organized the second banking cultural workshop to empower women on social, economic, and banking levels. That’s to appreciate the Egyptian woman’s great role as a strong supporter to deepen the New State’s pillars.

The workshop included exploring the features of the “Laky” card, for women all over Egypt. The laky Forum provides women with the opportunity to enjoy a package of bank products, banking services, and digital banking services with high quality, that keeps pace with the latest international quality standards.

Laky offers a package of banking benefits for its members with opportunities for ongoing training programs for governance administration, and ideal methods to manage their financial and non-financial investments. The thing that reflects on raising technical efficiency and banking qualification. So, a Laky- member lady can manage her investments and money in the best way to get the highest revenue. As well as, qualifying the ladies to run their businesses under the umbrella of entrepreneurship and start-ups.

Women represent 48.5% of Egypt’s population as per the CAPMAS report in 2020. Women’s unemployment rate has reached 17.7%, which is a very low rate. Accordingly, the Egyptian society loses about 30% of its human power because of different obstacles.

Those obstacles which slow down Egyptian women’s employment process are due to culture and social heritage. Despite the huge efforts done by the state to economically empower women. The year 2018 was marked as the women’s year to support and qualify women. Besides, special advantages for women to finance SMEs. Accordingly, this mitigates the unemployment rate, boosts employability, and increases exports.  The bank offers facilitated finance services throughout 68 branches.

The United Bank also provides technical support programs to microfinance clients, through specialized training courses in business management. Besides, entrepreneurship qualification, and basics of best marketing practices.

As well as, a package of distinctive digital banking solutions, titled “Your Bank Online”, this service works 24/7, to provide customers with e-payment means: Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, UB Digital Wallet, and ATMs. In order to save time and effort. Besides, full safety in financial transactions.

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