The United Bank is Sponsor For Egypt’s First Heritage- Products

by nevine

The United Bank sponsored the first Egyptian heritage- products show, to empower around 26 thousand women in 119 villages in Upper Egypt. The event was organized by El Nidaa and ENID “Egyptian Network for Integrated development”. That was in the framework of The United Bank’s strategy to empower Egyptian women socially and economically in different governorates, especially in Upper Egypt.

The mega event was held under the auspices of H. E Dr. Rania Al Mashat, Minister of International Cooperation in the presence of the UB staff, businessmen, and media figures.

The show has launched a new brand called Hoopoe developed by ENID/ EL Nidaa. That has a significant scale in 119 villages across 5 governorates in Upper Egypt: Qena, Luxor, El Minya, Sohag, and Fayoum. And have benefited around 26 thousand people.

The event included the first fashion show for the new brand Hoopoe, with around 30 designs. It also included a handicrafts exhibition demonstrating the skills of ENID/ EL Nidaa workshop beneficiaries. The purpose is to demonstrate the outcome of eleven years of successful interventions in the design, training, and marketing of products, all along with the utmost attention to the principles of fair trade.


Designing blossoms:

The first collection of Hoopoe is inspired by Ancient Egyptian motifs and Art Deco design. The star element is the lotus flower, which spreads open and close across day and night in the sense of light.


Developmental Purposes:

Through the launching of the Hoopoe brand, El Nidaa hopes to create a profitable brand that can support the continuation and expansion of El Nidaa handicraft workshops in Upper Egypt. Thus contributing to the socio-economic empowerment and poverty alleviation for women and youth in Upper Egypt.

Handicrafts are the second largest economic sector after agriculture in terms of the Egyptian number of workers.

Ashraf El Kady commented on this event, stating that the handicrafts sector comes as the second biggest economic sector after the agricultural sector, for the number of workers. He added that Egypt is the first in the middle east in the field of handicrafts. That contributed to creating a valuable heritage and a distinctive Egyptian cultural identity, different from other cultures in the region.

UB provides a package of microfinance solutions, that are suitable for this sector and are made to maximize the performance of trade, industrial, service, or handicrafts fields, with simple procedures. The client can get the fund- needed Through a network of 68 branches covering the Republic.


UB also provides several technical support programs to microfinance clients, through specialized training courses, in management, and marketing, raising the technical efficiency and banking qualification for the project, and entrepreneurship qualifying. In addition to a package of distinctive digital banking solutions, “Your Bank Online” that is accessible around 24/7, to provide clients with payment methods through mobile banking, internet banking, and digital wallet and ATMs. To save time, and effort, along with totally secured financial transactions.


It’s worth mentioning that ENID works under the umbrella of UNDP, together with its affiliate El Nidaa Foundation have been successful in promoting sustainable economic and social progress on a significant scale in 119 villages across the five governorates of Qena, Luxor, El Minya, Sohag and this year Fayoum. These interventions have benefited 25,828 women, men, and youth. ENID/El Nidaa looks forward to continuing this journey together to help improve the well-being of women and youth in Upper Egypt

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