The NCW Lodges a Complaint with Higher Media Authority Against Yasmine Ezz and her Program

by nevine

The National Council for Women headed by Dr. Maya Morsi voiced its rejection and deep dissatisfaction with the offensive content presented through the “Kalam al-Nas” program broadcast on “MBC Egypt” by the presenter, Yasmine Ezz, which represents an insult.

It demeans and belittles Egyptian women, and harms them on various levels. It is also content aimed at ignoring societal awareness of what is being accomplished in terms of relentless efforts to empower Egyptian women.

The Council announced that it submitted an official complaint this morning to the Supreme Council for Media Regulation against the program, as the Council received many complaints from Egyptian women through social media platforms expressing their rejection of this offensive content and calling for it to be stopped.

The Council affirms its categorical rejection of any content that humiliates and insults Egyptian women. Maya Morsi pointed out that the content presented by the program about Egyptian women is insulting and includes inciting speech to practice violence against Egyptian women, and normalizes the insult and beating of husbands to wives, and that women must accept violence and insult.

The Egyptian constitution includes more than 20 articles regulating issues of citizenship and equality, criminalizing violence and discrimination, respecting women, and preserving their dignity.

The program also mocks and bullies the condition of the Egyptian family, which leads to the destruction of the social structure and the creation of conflicts within the family, without regard to the provisions of the Egyptian constitution.

Additionally, the presenter’s speech contains mockery, sarcasm, and bullying against the Egyptian family, particularly the wife and the husband.

The Council stresses that the great Egyptian civilization used to paint women on temples as a symbol of strength, life, and growth. The Egyptian Woman represented a queen who ruled and fought in wars, and now she holds the highest leadership positions and aspires towards more.

The NCW calls on those in charge of the channel to take the necessary measures to stop this reactionary content.

For her part, renowned human rights activist Nehad Abul-Qomsan, Head of the Non-government Egyptian Centre for Women’s Rights (ECWR), also filed a complaint with the country’s public prosecution on Wednesday, stating that Ezz’s content promotes violence against women.

In conclusion, the National Council for Women affirms that it will not neglect any of the rights of Egyptian women, nor will it accept any infringement or derogation from them in any way.


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