The Ministry of Manpower publishes a report on gender equality and protection of women’s rights at work.

The Ministry of Manpower’s Media Centre published a report on “The Gender Equality Unit,” intending to publicize the Unit’s history and role in supporting gender equality issues and the protection of women in the workplace, following Egyptian State policies that regard women as half of society and gave birth to the other half.

According to the issued report, the Egyptian State, which is taking serious steps to support women in all fields, establish the principle of equal opportunities and raise awareness regarding women’s rights, duties and employment, is keen to continue to involve women in work and production and decision-making.

The Gender Equality Unit of the Ministry of Manpower was launched with the International Labour Organization “National Plan for the Promotion of Gender Equality in Employment”, which aims to create a possible, supportive and safe framework for both women and men in employment by promoting women’s participation in the workforce and leadership positions and create a safe working environment free from violence or discrimination.

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