The “Hands of Egypt” platform… a way for owners of traditional crafts and handicrafts to market their products

The state attaches great importance to the “Egypt Hands” platform launched by the Ministry of Local Development to create job opportunities for women, youth, and girls in all governorates, thus contributing to the economic empowerment of local communities and improving their standard of living.


The Ministry of Local Development launched the “Hands of Egypt” platform during the celebration of Egyptian Women’s Day on March 16, 2021.


The platform is distinguished from other marketing sites by the fact that its products have a distinctive Egyptian heritage character, and the platform currently includes approximately 1335 various artistic products made by Egyptian producers from different governorates of Egypt, such as leather, crochet, knitting, carpets, and handmade kilims, accessories, alabaster Pharaonic sculpture, and other distinguished handicraft products; To market it through the platform.


The government is currently working to strengthen efforts to achieve integration and possible cooperation between ministries and agencies to promote the Egyptian Hands platform and develop a strategy for producing and marketing handicraft and heritage products internally and externally during the coming period by implementing a set of proposals, foremost of which is providing technical support for the platform and providing the ministry with databases of artisans from various sides. To register them on the platform, and to develop a marketing strategy for handicraft products at the local and international levels.

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