TCI Sanmar Chemicals Partners with NCW in “Adaha W Odoud” Initiative

by News Agencies

The National Council for Women (NCW), Joined by TCI Sanmar Chemicals Company, launched training workshops to train and equip 135 women with skills in various crafts, including loom beadwork, accessory making, burlap bag design, leatherwork, painting on canvas, and stained glass.

These workshops are part of the “Adaha W Odoud” initiative, which seeks to promote the development of handicrafts and empower women in Port Said. The training sessions are currently taking place from July 16th until July 25th and are designed to enhance the participants’ craft capabilities and provide them with economic support.

This cooperation comes in line with Egypt’s Vision 2030 and within the framework of the social responsibility strategy of TCI Sanmar Chemical Company to empower Egyptian women, especially in Port Said Governorate, to improve their quality of life.

According to this cooperation, several training workshops are launched, targeting the training of about 135 women on the basics of crafts, what tools are used, their prices, and where to buy them.

In addition, the products designed by the women participating in the workshop will be marketed in the exhibitions of the National Council for Women or possibly distributed as gifts to the participants in the conferences and activities of the Council, which will contribute to the empowerment of these women financially and improve their standard of living.

President of the National Council for Women (NCW), Dr. Maya Morsy, expressed her delight with this cooperation, which contributes greatly to achieving the economic empowerment of Egyptian women, and is considered a continuation of the work on one of Egypt’s main strategy pillars, which is Women’s Empowerment Strategy 2030.

In light of the NCW’s interest in training women, she praised handicrafts as a great opportunity to provide them with job opportunities that would enable these women to boost their income and raise their standard of living and pointed out that Egyptian women succeeded in bringing their high-quality handicraft products to the world.

Additionally, she appreciated TCI Sanmar’s unwavering support for women as part of their social responsibility.

Meanwhile, Mr. P S Jayaraman, Chairman of TCI Sanmar Chemicals, expressed his joy, saying: Partnering together with the National Council for Women reflects the essence of TCI Sanmar Chemicals’ strategy towards sustainability and social responsibility, as these training workshops focus on the economic development of the women of Port said by enhancing their craft and artistic skills, in addition to providing them with all the necessary support to help them launch their own projects from home at the lowest cost and with a reasonable budget, which contributes to raising their standard of living for them and their families, and these efforts come within our vision to invest in our surrounding community.

He added: In a way that contributes to achieving the goals of sustainable development and the strategic vision of Egypt 2030.

It is worth mentioning that TCI Sanmar Chemical Company, the leading producer of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in Egypt, has launched several initiatives in the past, underscoring its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

The company’s social responsibility strategy focuses on several pillars, mainly education, health, and women’s empowerment. TCI Sanmar Chemicals’ programs aim to drive the development of Egyptian society, with a particular focus on Port Said Governorate.

As the largest producer of polyvinyl chloride in the Middle East and North Africa, TCI Sanmar Chemicals plays a crucial role in infrastructure development and economic growth worldwide. In addition to polyvinyl chloride, the company produces other essential products, such as hypochlorite chlorine, to serve the strategic needs of the country.

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Top 50 Women Forum is the first platform in Egypt to work exclusively on empowering women professionals, with the purpose of strengthening their contribution development & decision-making processes.