National Women’s Association launches “Ettamen” to provide an anti-violent safe environment for women

The National Council for Women participated in the “Ettamen” or “Rest assured” symposium, which it organized in cooperation with the Anti-Violence Against Women Unit and the “Reassured” Foundation. The symposium discussions revolved around the university’s role in providing a safe environment, free of all forms of violence and discrimination, and the services provided to male and female students through the Women’s Support and Anti-Violence Unit at Beni Suef University.

It took place in the presence of Ms. Dina Hussein, member of the National Council for Women and Rapporteur of the Youth Committee, Dr. Nermin Mahmoud, member of the National Council for Women in Beni Suef, Dr. Gamal Abdel Rahman, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, Dr. Ghada Atef, Director of the Anti-Violence Unit at the University, and Dr. Moamen Zakaria, Director of the Safe Women Unit. 

The symposium presented the Women’s Complaints Office’s role in the Council, the services it provides, and how to defend oneself when subjected to physical and sexual abuse in public and private places, using the “5-D” technique associated with distraction, delegation, documentation, delay, and direct guidance.