EgSA to Launch MisrSat-2 Satellite to Track Climate Change

According to claims made by Sherif Sedqy, CEO of the Egyptian Space Agency (EgSA), the Egyptian remote sensing satellite MisrSat-2, or EgyptSat2, is prepared for launch in December 2023. The announcements came during an event hosted by the Chinese Embassy in Egypt on Wednesday with the theme “My Dreams in Space – Connecting Chinese Astronauts […]

Egypt Launches “Horus-2” Satellite for Remote Sensing

The CEO of the Egyptian Space Agency (EgSA), Sherif Sedky, said Monday that a “Horus-2” satellite will help meet the requirements of Egypt’s 2030 vision for sustainable development. Egypt has successfully launched the “Horus- 2” satellite from the launch base in northwest China, Sedky said in statements to Channel One, adding it carried high-resolution imaging […]