Egyptian President El-Sisi Attends Swearing-in Ceremony of Top Judges

by Nada Khaled

On Sunday, July 9, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi witnessed a swearing-in ceremony of Counselor Hosni Hassan Abdel Latif Abu Zeid as President of the Court of Cassation, Counselor Hafez Ahmed Abbas Mohamed as Head of the Administrative Prosecution Authority and Counselor Mosaad Abdel Maqsoud Bayoumi as Head of the Egyptian State Lawsuits Authority.

During the ceremony, the president expressed sincere appreciation for the great efforts made by the former judges throughout their long careers in judicial work.

El-Sisi also bestowed the Order of the Republic of the first class on Judge Mohamed Eid Mohamed Mahjoub, the former president of the Court of Cassation, counselor Adly Abdel Fattah Zayed, the former head of the Administrative Prosecution Authority, and counselor Mohamed Mohamed Bakr, the former head of the State Lawsuits Authority.

Moreover, he stressed the important role played by those esteemed judicial bodies in establishing justice and upholding the rule of law, said Presidential Spokesman Ahmed Fahmi.

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