Shell Signs Agreement with Bechtel, Enppi, Petrojet at EGYPS

by nevine

On Monday, February 13, the first day of EGYPS 2030, a Bechtel-led coalition that includes Enppi and Petrojet signed an agreement with energy giant Shell, seeking to decarbonize two facilities in Egypt on the sidelines of the huge event held at the Egypt International Exhibition Center in Cairo.

Signing the agreement was Khaled Kacem, Vice President and Regional Chairman of Shell Egypt; Mohamed Abdelaziz, Enppi Chairman; Waleed Lotfy, Chairman and Managing Director of Petrojet; and Karim El-Dessouky, Regional Manager of Bechtel Egypt.

The agreement stated implementing a unified power system between the onshore gas processing plant of the West Delta Deep Marine (WDDM) at the Burullus gas fields off the coast of Egypt and the Egyptian Liquefied Natural Gas (ELNG) export terminal in Edku, located east of Alexandria, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Bechtel, ENPPI, and PETROJET are scheduled to carry out the Edku Energy Hub project by establishing the one-power-hub concept, integrating the electrical power systems at the WDDM and ELNG, as opposed to having two separate systems.

The main goal of this project is to enhance power saving and greenhouse gas (GHG) abatement benefits of unifying the electrical power systems of the onshore plants. This alliance will advance the number of running gas turbine generators, achieve the most efficient operating mode for both plants, reduce GHG emissions, and economize the fuel consumption in the entire hub.

Following the signing ceremony, Karim El-Dessouky, Bechtel Egypt Regional Manager, commented: Unifying the power system of the two facilities will eliminate the gas turbines by a generator which will accordingly eliminate emissions. So, by extension, we are just reducing emissions for the Edku hub.

The project serves as part of a greater collaboration between the Bechtel-led coalition and the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources to decarbonize existing oil and gas facilities across the North African country following its climate change strategy.

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