Shagoof to Expand to Enhance Its Presence in Programming & Artificial Intelligence in Egypt

by Nada Khaled

Shagoof, a leading company in the field of training, programming, and artificial intelligence, is adopting an expansion investment plan to enhance its presence in the Egyptian market next year.

Dr. Ahmed Afifi, CEO of Shagoof, revealed in press statements today that the company has succeeded, over the past five years, in supplying and providing artificial intelligence laboratories to the advantage of about 160 schools and educational academies at the governorate level, in addition to training 1,600 teachers and qualifying them to teach the stem education system.

Afifi went on to say: We have also equipped some government laboratories, such as the Library of Alexandria and the Exploratory Center for Science and Technology in Cairo, affiliated with the Ministry of Education and Technical Education.

According to Afifi, the activities in which the “Shagoof” company works include three main axes. The first is preparing a generation of trainers and teachers capable of teaching the latest educational systems that have the most impact on students, namely the educational STEM system, while the second axis includes providing and supplying all products and tools associated with the educational systems based on the Stem Education system, while the third axis includes supporting the conversion of schools to work with the artificial intelligence system and teaching robotics and programming related to the Stem Education system to students.

He pointed out that “” is currently preparing a strategy through which it can increase the spread and expansion in Egypt by supplying and providing artificial intelligence laboratories in schools in Upper Egypt and the Delta governorates, as they are the governorates that most lack this type of education, in addition to signing protocols, cooperating with the ministries and agencies responsible for the educational system to spread this educational method.

Afifi revealed that the list of targeted clients for Shagoof Co. includes international educational schools of all kinds, and teachers in the specializations of computer, physics, chemistry, science, and STEM, in addition to educational academics who work in the field of programming and robotics.

The CEO added that provides its services in the diversified services market through partnerships with global entities and innovative organizations to bring the latest science in technology and STEM education programs to Egypt,

He pointed out that among these organizations are the Indian company Stempedia, and, which is the first global organization for training and accrediting educational initiatives and cadres, in addition to Lego Education, which is the most prominent brand in providing educational stem products, and which Shagoof has become its largest product in Egypt.

CEO of asserted that the state moves aggressively towards digital operational processes, whether for government institutions, startups, or students, as well as digital empowerment and seeks to have access to the global market in the field of programming and artificial intelligence, which “we see vividly embodied in the volunteers and schools’ initiative.”

He continued his speech, saying: “We, in Shagoof, are keen to collectively support President Abdel Fattah, the digital transformation, and the technological empowerment of volunteers through cooperation with various elements in artificial intelligence in the largest number of governorates in Egypt, so that we can provide a balanced and fair example of cooperation for all students in Egypt.”

It is worth noting that the company “” was founded in 2018 by ambitious young people aiming to build children’s minds, and through control tools and robots, it helps develop children’s creative thinking skills.

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Top 50 Women Forum is the first platform in Egypt to work exclusively on empowering women professionals, with the purpose of strengthening their contribution development & decision-making processes.