Redcon Selects Noha Nael as First Egyptian Female CEO of Sustainability Sector

by nevine

In their ongoing quest to empower and support Egyptian women and in line with efforts to achieve sustainability, Redcon Development Company became the first company operating in the contracting sector in the Egyptian market to assign the position of CEO of the sustainability sector to an Egyptian woman, Eng. Noha Nael.

The choice of Eng. Noha Nael as CEO of the Sustainability Sector at Redcon Development Company came due to her distinguished expertise and competence that goes along with the vision and objectives of the Redcon Development Company in supporting sustainability and achieving its principles in the company’s business strategies.

Since assuming the position, about a year ago, Engineer Noha Nael was able to achieve outstanding results in the sustainability file of the “Redcon Development” company, and develop an innovative methodology for the new year in line with the company’s ambition and the efforts of the Egyptian state to support sustainability and achieve the highest results.

It should be noted that the Redcon Commercial and Administrative Centers subsidiary of Redcon Development, Golden Gate, is implementing the first service, commercial, administrative, and entertainment project, following the standards of sustainability and green architecture completely in line with the requirements and standards of EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies).

Redcon Development Company is considered one of the first companies to adopt sustainable and green building technologies for more than 15 years, as the company developed a Silver LEED-registered building from the US Green Building Council USGBC, located in a distinguished street in the northern 90th Fifth Settlement. 

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