Pope Francis Allows Women to Vote at Bishops Meeting for the First Time, Calls for their Access to Administrative Positions

by Nada Khaled

The Vatican meeting on the future of the Catholic Church, which discussed several controversial issues such as women serving in administrative positions in the church, has ended, according to the Italian ANSA agency.

The agency noted that the meeting held periodically and brings together 300 bishops and dozens of Catholics, stressed that it is “necessary” to ensure the full participation of women in church management positions, calling for discussing allowing them to serve within a year.

The meeting approved a 42-page report on many issues to be considered in a second session next year.

For the first time, women were allowed to vote in discussions, after they were previously only allowed to attend, without enjoying the right to vote and participate in decision-making.

Moreover, Pope Francis appointed Simona Brambilla, the former superior general of Marseille, headquarters of the Consolata Order, as the new secretary of the department that governs religious people around the world, according to the Vatican News website.

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