PLASTEX 2024 Concludes Its Most Successful Edition Yet, Marking 30 Years of Industry Influence

Press Release

by Nada Khaled

PLASTEX, the premier platform for international plastics and rubber solutions providers seeking connections in the Middle East and North African region, has concluded its highly successful 2024 edition. Held at the Egypt International Exhibition Center in Egypt last month, this milestone event celebrated three decades of shaping the plastics and rubber industry in the MENA region.

Held under the patronage of Dr. Moustafa Madbouly, the Prime Minister of the Arab Republic of Egypt, and inaugurated by, His Excellency Engineer Ahmed Samir, the Minister of Trade and Industry and Her Excellency Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, PLASTEX 2024 enabled monumental progress to enable industrial and operational excellence in the region.

Ahmed Samir, the Minister of Trade and Industry, emphasized the pivotal role of the plastics industry in local industrial production, highlighting its contributions to various sectors, including infrastructure projects. He announced plans to allocate Margham 1 and 2 complexes in Alexandria to the plastics industry, further enhancing its promising future.

During the opening, His Excellency Engineer Ahmed Samir, the Minister of Trade and Industry, unveiled a circular economy initiative for single-use plastics in collaboration with UNIDO and Japan. This initiative aims to support factories in transitioning to environmentally friendly practices, reflecting Egypt’s commitment to sustainability and operational excellence. “As the first significant event for plastics and rubber for the Middle East and North Africa, PLASTEX has exceeded our expectations in showcasing the latest industry advancements to contribute in fostering the development of the Egyptian industry and improving the quality of products according to global standards. The aim is to establish Egypt as a central industrial hub in the Middle East and Africa, owing to its potential, distinctive features, and various vital components that enable operational and industrial excellence.’’

PLASTEX 2024 attracted over 25,000 attendees over four days, showcasing the latest innovations in plastics and rubber products and technologies. With 500+ exhibitors presenting machinery and equipment, raw materials, packaging solutions, recycling products, and more, the event connected manufacturers, distributors, and regulators from across the globe.

The event highlighted Egypt’s integral role in the international trade landscape, strengthening its position a hub for addressing evolving new requirements in the plastics and rubber industry.

Highlighting the increasing demand for eco-friendly plastics and rubber in Egypt’s thriving manufacturing sector, global brands enhanced the visitor experience by showcasing live demonstrations of cutting-edge technologies. These included innovations in 3D printing, extrusion machinery, injection molding, recycling, advanced materials, rubber processing, foaming technologies, precision and digital control, as well as robotics and automation. These efforts align with global sustainability goals, promoting environmentally conscious approaches to product development and waste management.

International pavilions showcased country-specific products tailored to regional requirements, offering a diverse array of global expertise and perspectives on sustainability, innovation, and the modern evolution of plastics and rubber products. Participating nations included Germany, India, Turkey, Taiwan, and China, along with new entries from Korea and Kuwait.

PLASTEX enhanced its offerings with an exclusive seminar and training program led by industry experts from prestigious institutions such as SIDPEC, INDEVCO Flexible Packaging Division, Electroplast, UNIDO, and others. The program focused on promoting sustainable industrial development, facilitating knowledge exchange, and advancing experts’ skills in the plastics and rubber industry within the region.

Khaled Abul-Makarem, Chairman of the Chemical and Fertilizers Export Council, said that PLASTEX is the largest event in plastics and rubber in MENA and this year it was bigger than ever before, adding “The Egyptian government has set a goal to enhance the country’s exports of plastics and rubber to new markets, specifically targeting the African continent. The plan is to capitalize on the growing demand for these products in the African market and increase the revenue generated from exports. The government is working with local manufacturers to improve the quality of their products and expand their production capabilities, with the aim of establishing Egypt as a leading exporter of plastics and rubber products in Africa.’’

Looking ahead, PLASTEX announced the return of the event from 11-14 January 2026, with plans for an expanded exhibition and comprehensive training program. The event aims to ignite the international plastics and rubber community for shared progress and innovation, in collaboration with the Ministry of Trade and Industry and esteemed partners.

Salman Abou Hamzeh, Senior Vice President – Energy for dmg events, expressed optimism about PLASTEX’s potential to drive industry progress, citing ongoing efforts to tailor the event to Egypt’s industrial landscape and emerging trends. He emphasized PLASTEX’s commitment to supporting Egypt’s journey towards a resilient and responsible circular economy.

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